regionalna znacka podpolanie

Regional Product Podpoľanie

High Quality Unique Products and Services Related to the Region are Branded as “Regional Product Podpoľanie”


The main purpose of establishing the branding system for regional products is to promote local high quality products or services and to support local economics and cultural development of interesting and unique regions.

Podpoľanie belongs to such regions and therefore MAS has granted to extraordinary producers from Podpoľanie region a brand Regional Product Podpoľanie.


What is our target regarding the branding in Podpoľanie region:

  • support of the local economics;

  • increased interest in the local high quality products or services;

  • support and promotion of local producers;

  • keeping and maintaining tradition and cultural values of the region as well as countryside style of living;

  • support the use of local resources, potential, and raw materials;


What can a customer expect from a product branded as a Regional Product Podpoľanie:

  • uniqueness and originality of a product related to the Podpoľanie Region;

  • the producer uses and prefers local resources and raw materials;

  • the product is related to traditions and develops them, uses traditional techniques, recipes, technology;

  • it is produced in compliance with natural and country character of the Podpoľanie region;

  • the producer keeps the share of manual work and keeps handicraft and original skills.


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